Family Movie Matinee: September 2019

Do you ever find yourself very in the mood for the whole popcorn and movie experience with your family (but not so in the mood to fork over a small fortune to do so)? However, do you find that streaming a film from the sofa just doesn’t quite live up to the excitement of sitting in front of the big screen? Why not have your popcorn and eat it too, when you enjoy all of the fun of checking out a new flick with others in our Cleveland, TX community (just without the expense)? Take part in the upcoming Family Movie Matinee for a new outing!

About The Program

The Family Movie Matinee is your chance to head to the library, where you will join other local families, as you enjoy movie and a popcorn and a family-friendly film! It’s sure to be a whole lot of fun and something you can do again, when the mood strikes, as the matinee is part of a program that takes place on the fourth Sunday of each month!

Upcoming Movie Date And Time

The next Family Movie Matinee is happening on Sunday, September 22nd, 2019 from 2pm to 5pm.

Movie Matinee Location

Just head on over to the Austin Memorial Library. The address follows:

220 S Bonham Avenue
Cleveland, TX 77327

Admission Amount

The movie and popcorn are both free!

Invite List

Adults and kids 3 and older are invited!

Contact Information

For any questions or concerns you may have about this library event, feel free to get in touch with Miss Wendy at (281) 592-3920.

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