In A Pickle Festival 

Happen to be quite a fan of the pickle? Of just about anything pickled? How about of nearly anything else even remotely associated with pickles? If there’s really nothing better that you can think of, then the upcoming In A Pickle Festival may be right up your alley! Take a quick hop out of our Cleveland, TX community as you head to the big city for some serious all-pickle-all-day-long fun!

About The Event

So, how much could one event really include in terms of pickles, you ask? Well, you might be surprised. When you attend this pickle festival, you can look forward to contests (like drinking pickle juice), cool pickle food, munchies, and treats, pickle crafts, favorite meals with pickles on them, and even an auction! Show up for the yummy fun and enjoy live entertainment, while you’re at it!

Event Date And Time

This festival will take place on September 7th, 2019 from 11am to 5pm, so mark your calendar!

Event Location

Show up to the downtown In A Pickle Festival by heading to the following location:

8 North Main Street
Houston, TX 77339

Admission Information

Free, free, free!

Further Details!

Have a question about pickles? How about the pickle festival? Gather some additional information when you call either 512-796-8857 or 281-798-4599.

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