4 Things You Didn’t Realize Were Making Your Breath Bad

That pepperoni pizza? Of course it caused bad breath! Your oops moment when you accidentally fell asleep without brushing or flossing your smile? Yep, that will do it. Sometimes, you can quickly figure out why you have funky breath without question. At other times, however, you may be at a loss. You realize that your unpleasant breath isn’t subsiding but as for what you might be doing to contribute to this problem? You just can’t figure it out. While coming in to see our Cleveland, TX team will quickly help you regain your nice-smelling smile, we can help you better understand what might be going on.

#1: Your Daily Medication

We know that when you rely on a particular type of medication to treat something, whether that drug comes from the drugstore or your doctor, you tend to figure that as long as you’re not noticing any uncomfortable side effects, all is well! As a result, it may not occur to you that since it’s not bothering your stomach, making you sleepy, or giving you a headache, you may still be dealing with a side effect! It’s called bad breath! Well, here’s how it actually might work: You take a pill. A side effect of that pill is dry mouth. Your saliva levels drop, bacteria increase as a result, and you end up with foul smelling breath. The answer? Check with your doctor!

#2: The Fact That You Skipped A Dental Cleaning

You might think that your bad breath must have something to do with some outside force that you cannot seem to put your finger on. You brush. You floss. What could it be? What you might not realize is that even if you’re super dedicated to your dental hygiene but you’re not so dedicated to your professional dental care, this is enough to yield yucky breath. Remember that between visits, some amount of plaque will build up and tartar will develop. Until we remove it, that accumulation of bacteria can smell bad.

#3: Your Way-Too-Old Toothbrush

Your very old toothbrush isn’t going to offer the same effective cleansing power as a brand new (or up to four-months-old) toothbrush. So, while you might be brushing twice a day and flossing too, you may not be removing quite as much plaque and food as you think! The result? What’s left behind leads to unpleasant odors that we know as bad breath. Get a new toothbrush!

#4: You’re Dehydrated

Are you drinking as much water as you have heard you should? If you’re not somewhere in the neighborhood of eight 8-oz glasses a day, then we remind you that your lack of hydration might cause oral dehydration which, as mentioned, can cause bad breath!

Address Bad Breath Easily 

When you’re dealing with bad breath and you’re really ready to rejoin the world without feeling embarrassed about it, remember to come in to see us! We can help fix that problem in a jiffy, so you smile freely again! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.