Your Smile Health: Do I Need To Brush More?

One of those natural questions patients tend to come up with in terms of their dental hygiene follows: Do I need to brush my teeth more? This might include the frequency with which you brush on a daily basis or the length of time you spend during each session. As for whether or not the answer is yes or no, it depends on your current level of care that you provide yourself! In short, you should brush twice daily, each session lasting two minutes. However, our Cleveland, TX team would like to delve a bit deeper, as we address some common reasons this question is so often asked of us, as you gather up what may be some helpful insight!

If You’re Brushing Once Daily?

If you’re brushing just once a day, then the immediate answer from our team is: Yes, you need to brush more! Remember that brushing just one time each day is not enough. It gives plaque and food particles time to rest on your teeth, feeding bacteria, and promoting problems like decay and gingivitis. Plaque can become tartar in as few as 24 hours, so once-daily brushing is risky! Change it to twice daily and you’ll be back on track with dental hygiene.

If You’re Not Brushing For Enough Time Per Session?

If you’re brushing twice a day but you’re not spending enough time and you’re fairly sure of it, then again, the answer is yes, you need to brush more. Not more often. Just for a longer period of time. Use a timer, so you are certain you’re completing two-minute routines! Easy!

If You’re Brushing Twice Daily For Two-Minute Sessions?

When you visit us for a dental checkup and cleaning and you ask about how you should be approaching your brushing at home, one of the guidelines we will suggest each and every time? Brush your smile twice daily for two-minute sessions, as we have discussed. So, you may be wondering: If you’re doing this every day as part of your dental hygiene, is there any reason you should brush even more? Generally speaking, this is sufficient.

In addition, you don’t want to go over the two-minute mark because it could mean damaging your enamel or irritating your gums. However, with that said, we remind you that you are more than welcome to brush after snacks or meals (just remember to rinse with water and then wait before brushing for a half hour or so) if you would like additional protection from stains or the development of tooth decay! This one is completely up to you!

Learn About Important Dental Hygiene Details

Tell us if you have any type of question about brushing your smile, even if you feel a little shy to bring it up! Take time to mention these details during your checkups and we’ll offer tons of advice! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.