Smile Problems That Can Go Unseen By You

There’s a common and inaccurate assumption amongst many dental patients that if something is wrong with one’s oral health, it will become visible. Or, it will at the very least become obvious in some way. However, our Cleveland, TX team is here to offer you one very important reminder: This isn’t always the case! As a result, it will certainly be in your best interest if, instead of practicing dental care the way you assume is effective, you follow our suggestions to a T! Consider some commonly invisible oral health concerns and how we suggest you manage your grin for a more successful experience.

Gum Disease Can Hide

We know that you have heard about the symptoms of gum disease, which may cause you to assume it’s something that’s easy to spot once it begins. The truth is, it may easy to spot when symptoms show up … but symptoms don’t always make their arrival until later in the game. The bad news here is that it’s easy for gum issues to go unseen for a while, even if you know to look for puffy gums, red gums, bad breath, tender gums, etc. The good news? When you’re serious about your preventive care and you schedule dental checkups like clockwork, we will find it for you (and offer treatment).

Oral Cancer May Be Invisible

Oral cancer is a very serious, often fatal disease, that can affect anyone. Unfortunately, as it begins and even as it progresses, it can be something you don’t see. As mentioned in regard to gum health, this can be dangerous for your smile but there’s something you can rely on when your eyes cannot provide you with a warning: Dental checkups give you advanced insight into possible oral health concerns, so we can quickly diagnose changes and snap into action. Has it been a while since your last checkup? Call us today!

Decay And Infection Often Sneak Up On You

Problems with your teeth that stem from bacteria in your mouth not being completely cleaned away include issues like tooth decay and infection. It can be very frustrating to learn that you could have a cavity or even an infected tooth without a single obvious symptom to show for it! Again … if you’re seeing us for dental checkups, we will find these concerns for you! Don’t miss your next visit.

Always Visit Us For Checkups

Do not ever skip one of your dental cleanings or checkups if you can help it! We remind you to remain as aware of your smile as possible, to listen to your body, and also to remain current with prevention. Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.