4 Truths About Toothpaste You’re Missing

There are so many truths in the world, most of which will offer you those little morsels of information that can be truly transforming for your life! If you never thought you’d be seeking out universal facts that might impact your toothpaste and dental hygiene, well … here you are! Though it may never have crossed your mind before, our Cleveland, TX team unveils a collection of truths that can most certainly take your smile care to new heights!

#1: You Need A Pea-Size Dollop Only

You just need a blob that’s roughly the size of one pea. “What type of pea?” you may ask. Well, we are going to hand over the reins, so you can be the judge of what seems to work best for you. Add a bit more, take a bit away, and go on from there. Just make sure you’re not loading up your brush (or just placing a minimal, barely-existent smear across the bristles). In either case, you won’t be doing anything beneficial for your dental hygiene unless it’s the size of one pea!

#2: It’s Important You Like The Flavor/Texture

Didn’t think it really mattered whether or not you were into the flavors or textures of the dental hygiene products you were using? It’s actually something our team reminds you holds a lot of value. When you like what you are using, you have a nice time and you feel comfortable stepping back into the bathroom to brush and floss again. When you dislike the things you use, it’s a major deterrent. Only purchase what makes you happy!

#3: Fluoride Is Absolutely Essential

You’re going to continue to hear this debate for many years, so we encourage you to come to us any time you have a question. Bring up toothpaste during dental checkups with us. We will always be happy to remind you that fluoridated toothpaste is what you’re going to need now and forever! It offers exceptional help for your enamel, so it can remain hard and so you can sidestep the development of tooth decay that will then require fillings!

#4: It Shouldn’t Abrade, Burn, Etc.

This is an easy one. Your toothpaste shouldn’t be able to scrape up your teeth (no abrasive stuff, please). You also shouldn’t feel like it’s burning when you use it. A gentle tingle? No problem. However, if it’s irritating, find something else!

Enjoy Optimal Hygiene With Our Help

Remember that your dental hygiene is essentially the foundation of your healthy smile (and this foundation includes the use of toothpaste)! So, to feel certain you’re using paste to the fullest, remember to ask for advice! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.