Covering Up Smile Stains: 4 Things To Know

When you’re experiencing any type of smile stain, your first thought may be that your solution is going to include teeth whitening. While this is often the case for may patients and many types of discoloration, it is not always what you require. Did you know that we offer comprehensive cosmetic care in order to ensure you have the ability to access stain removal or to camouflage your stains? When it turns out that coverage is what you really need, it’s time to have a smile session with our Cleveland, TX team, so we can tell you just how to make your smile shine!

#1: Sometimes, You Need Camouflage

When you have certain types of smile stains, you aren’t going to need the stain removal that’s offered by teeth whitening because, generally speaking, it’s something that won’t work for you or it’s just not going to give you the results you need. Instead, you may need camouflaging. This means seeking a way to cover, rather than get rid of, stains. Why might this become essential? Well: You might have one stain, so you don’t need whitening all over, just treatment for one tooth. You might have internal staining from trauma or from antibiotics, which we cannot remove but we can camouflage! See?

#2: We Offer Multiple Treatments

Of course, since we want to be able to help each and every one of our patients, all of whom deal with unique, diverse care needs, we offer comprehensive treatments. In terms of cosmetic care and smile brightening, that means that not only do we offer teeth whitening but we also have dental bonding on our list of treatments, as well as porcelain veneers. Come learn about them with us!

#3: Yes, Your Results Will Look Natural

You should know that when you cover up stains, the results are going to look beautiful and natural. That’s because everything we do for the esthetics of your smile we do to enhance your beauty! Bonding and veneers are both fully customizable treatments that we can match to your specific needs and preferences.

#4: Starting Just Requires A Consultation

You also really need to know that it’s so easy to get going with covering up smile stains. For this, all you have to do is use your phone to call us. Tell us you’d like a consultation to learn about cosmetic care. Done!

Get Started With Stain Coverage Today

Call our team just as soon as you can if you are tired of dealing with a smile stain or two that could really use some clever camouflaging. Meeting with us to discuss cosmetic care is your ticket to success! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.