3 Ways You Can Use Your Phone To Protect Your Smile!

For the most part, most of us are on our phones for a good part of the day or at least have them nearby, if not on us (such as in a pocket or bag). While you may be using this bit of technology for just about everything else under the sun, we can’t help but wonder at our Cleveland, TX practice: Are you using your cell phone for your smile care, too, or are you primarily swiping through insta-shots of your grin without really realizing the very device you’re holding can help keep it safe, stunning, and on track, too? Let our Cleveland, TX team shock you with some lovely advice!

#1: To Store All Of Our Info

Keep all of our contact information in your phone. It makes life easy.

#2: To Track Your Habits, Visits, And More

There is a variety of things for you to track when it comes to your smile care. Of course, our question for you is whether you’re actually tracking these details anywhere or if you’re trying the difficult balancing act of simply remembering it all. Good news: Your cell phone will help you organize all of the particulars in one spot that you pretty much have with you all the time! Whether you need to maintain a checklist of dental hygiene, so you never miss a session, track your visits, so you know when they’re coming up and when to schedule, or even if you need somewhere to keep your shopping list, it’s all possible with your phone’s trusty apps.

#3: To Time Out Your Brushing, Of Course!

We are fairly sure that we’ve talked with you a time or two before about how to brush in such a way that nearly locks in success. Not quite sure you know what we are referring to? Fortunately, this is an easy one! We have always reminded patients to brush for two-minute periods of time when they brush (which is morning and evening, of course, for a total of four minutes each day). This helps you slow down, take a very detailed and metered approach to your dental care, and means you’ll definitely have the time and focus to thoroughly remove plaque. However, if you haven’t been using an actual timer, we also remind you: That exceptional cell phone of yours has a timer! So … use it!

Consider Helpful Tips We Love Sharing!

Remember that our team loves helping you feel like caring for your smile is easy breezy! When you have questions about daily life and how to stay on-top of the details, we are always here to offer support and advice! Just contact us! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.