Teen Cooking Class!

Have your teens been showing an interest in cooking lately and you’d love to help but you are a not-so-great cook? A little too controlling in the kitchen? Worried you’ll miss something? Whatever the case, if you’d like a little bit of backup, so your kids can begin to really learn their way around a kitchen, the upcoming Teen Cooking Class in our Cleveland, TX community is sure to be both fun and informative!

What Is This?

The Teen Cooking Class is an introduction for your teenagers into the world of using the kitchen! Kiddos will move through each and every step of the process of cooking, which means not only learning to prepare, cook, and serve food. It also means they’ll gain some important details regarding cleaning, which utensil and item to use for what, and some essential safety tips!

When Is It?

The cooking class will be taking place on Wednesday, March 13, 2019 from 10am to 1pm.

Where Is It?

This fun workshop will take place at the Austin Memorial Library, located at:

220 S Bonham Avenue
Cleveland, TX 77327

How Much Is It?


How Do We Register And Learn More?

You may register online! You may also contact Miss Wendy by calling (281) 592-3920 if you have questions or need assistance with registration.

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