How Do You Transform My Dingy Smile Into A Pearly Grin?

What would you say about your smile today? Does it look dingy? Does it appear to reflect the many hours you have logged as you throw back a coffee and a latte here … and a tall cup of tea there? Or, are you facing other types of staining, like the ones that show up quite unwelcome but full force from the use of certain medications? When you’ve got smile stains on your mind and all you really want is to go from a dingy smile to one that is pearly and bright, we get what you’re going through. Of course, that’s why our team here in Cleveland, TX brings multiple cosmetic treatment options to the table, so you’re never stuck with a dim grin!

About Teeth Whitening

Oh dear, your smile isn’t looking too lovely as a result of stains? We remind you that you may be quite the spectacular candidate for the easy and all-encompassing teeth whitening we offer at our practice. How does it help you, you ask? Well, assuming your smile is healthy and that we are treating natural tissue, it works through a process of breaking up stains that are deep within your teeth. We apply a special bleaching gel, the molecules of which promote an oxygenation process that lifts that pesky discoloration. Once the stains are broken up and removed through your dental tissue (remember, teeth are porous), what’s left is your naturally white grin!

What Bonding Accomplishes

You might initially figure that teeth whitening will be the cosmetic treatment that saves the day for you. However, upon further inspection, we might realize that you just have one tooth that’s stained. Or you may have a small stain here and there. You don’t really need to address all of your smile tissue. Instead, you need a quick fix with the spot treatment capabilities of dental bonding. How does it work? Well, we customize the shade of the composite we use (a material we can paint over stains) to hide blemishes. It’s quick, easy, effective, and looks natural.

The Veneer Transformation

What’s that, you say? You want to completely transform the appearance of your smile with cosmetic care, making it whiter, brighter, fixing chips and craze lines, filling gaps, and the list goes on? Well, then: You need veneers, which are small casings that cover the visible part of your teeth for a lovely facade!

Brighten Up Stained Teeth With Our Care

Feeling like you’re stuck with a dim smile or a stained grin is enough to decide to stop smiling forever! Don’t let this issue with an easy fix hold you back. Instead, let us give you back a megawatt grin with cosmetic care! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland, Huffman, and all surrounding communities.