Answered: Your “Can This Affect Anyone?” Questions

You may ask yourself on occasion, whether the potential oral health problems you hear about can affect you. You wonder: Sure, cavities sound like a not so wonderful thing but can they affect just anyone? How about something like gum disease, is it going to affect every single person who doesn’t brush and floss as they are told? We understand your interest and, of course, to help you feel informed and to ensure you can make good decisions for your smile, our Cleveland, TX team is here to offer you the answers you are looking to receive!

Yes, Gingivitis Can Affect Anyone

You may wonder if you are lucky enough to be someone for whom gingivitis is just not an option. However, this happens to be one of those oral health issues that everyone is vulnerable to! So, don’t forget: Brushing and flossing and visits with us offer you immense protection for optimal gum health! Keep it up!

No, Not Everyone Gets Cavities

When you consider the way cavities form (bacteria release acids that wear down dental tissue, leading to decay and a hole in your tooth), it seems that this is something that can affect anyone! However, some people simply never get cavities. Make note, however, that these individuals are few and far between. So, whether you fancy yourself one of these lucky people or not, keep brushing and flossing (remember, too, that even if you’re not prone to decay, you are still vulnerable to oral health issues like gum disease, which means dental care remains essential).

Yes, Misalignment Can Happen Later

Some people are born with smiles that are not correctly aligned, meaning top and bottom teeth do not fit together with ease. Teeth may appear less than straight, they may be spaced out, or they may overlap. There are lots of ways a smile can be less than beautifully aligned. However, you may wonder: Can misalignment affect anyone? What if you’re born with a perfect smile?

The answer is yes, alignment issues can affect even those with straight smiles but usually only in one particular case. If such an individual were to lose a tooth or teeth and then neglected to replace them, remaining teeth may shift toward the opening. The result? Negatively affected alignment. Fortunately, those born with misalignment may access orthodontics, while those dealing with tooth loss may replace missing teeth!

Protect Your Smile No Matter What

Whether you think you’re more or less prone to particular oral health problems when compared with others, remember that it is always essential that everyone maintain dental care at home and with our team. Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland, Kingwood, New Caney, Conroe, Livingston, Huffman, and all surrounding communities.