Chewing Gum: Answering Those Questions Driving You Crazy!

When the topic of chewing gum comes up, many people will instantly insist that they are sure it’s bad for one’s smile health. Others may admit to chewing it, even though they figure they shouldn’t be. Then, some feel completely confused by the topic. Where would you say that you land on the spectrum of gum-chewing certainty? If you feel you have a bit of room left for some additional oral health related education, then our Cleveland, TX team invites you to gather up new gum facts with our quick but insightful question-and-answer session.

Questions and Answers

Question: I have heard that if I chew gum that’s sugarless instead of sugary gum, it’s actually okay if not beneficial for my oral health. Is this a fact or is this just something people make up, so they can chew it?

Answer: We are happy to report that this is a fact! Chewing sugary gum is bad, as you have realized, because you’ll be a lot more likely to end up with cavities. Sugarless gum can protect you from cavities and other problems that stem from bacteria (plaque buildup) because it will help you quickly clean your teeth.

Question: I suffer from TMJ disorder and a friend of mine has bruxism. It seems like chewing gum would be a bad idea for us because it could make matters worse. Is this an accurate assumption?

Answer: You’re right! When you suffer from disorders like TMD and bruxism disorder, they are aggravated by excessive motion. Chewing gum require consistent motion that can happen for quite an extended period of time.

Question: Is there any hard and fast rule or just general guideline regarding how long I should chew sugarless gum if I want it to benefit my oral health in some way? Should I try to chew it for a very long time, so it gets my teeth extremely clean?

Answer: Generally speaking, a chewing session of around 20 minutes will be good for you.

Question: Will gum replace a brushing and flossing session?

Answer: No! However, it is a good addition to your daily preventive care.

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