3 Things To Remember: About Your Plaque Removal!

We know that the second you start hearing our Cleveland, TX team (or anyone for that matter) talk about plaque removal, you might completely zone out. You’ve heard it before, you know that plaque is bad, and you know you should be brushing and flossing! Of course, you know these things but … do you follow through with the care you need to ensure your smile is super clean? Do you really know why plaque is so bad? If you had a few more details in that dental care knowledge bank of yours, it might actually provide you with the context you need in order to feel just as concerned as we do for your oral health! Ready to learn some new information? Here we go!

1: Plaque Becomes Tartar Very Quickly

One thing you might not really know is that plaque is soft and sticky and removable. You can get it off of your teeth and from beneath your gumline with brushing and with flossing. It reveals a clean smile that isn’t saturated with bacteria. The problem is that a lot of patients don’t realize if they’re not engaging in plaque removal twice daily every day, it can allow that plaque to become immovable (or, only removable by our team). When it becomes hard, which can happen in as few as 24 hours, it’s extremely hard. It’s still full of bacteria. Now, your smile is exposed to danger all day, as plaque continues to build up over that tartar. Keep teeth clean and this isn’t an issue!

2: Plaque Causes So Many Problems

Remember, plaque removal is so important because it causes so many problems, such as bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease (which can all lead to additional oral health complications).

3: Removing Plaque Is So Easy

As mentioned, removing plaque and preventing tartar really is extremely easy. For most of your daily life, you’ll be accomplishing this with dental hygiene. You’ll brush your teeth. You’ll floss your teeth. You’ll keep up with the plaque removal details every day! Then, to be sure you’ve gotten it all (and to have any bits of tartar removed that have formed), you’ll see us for cleanings two times a year! Easy.

Protect Your Smile Against Plaque With Our Help

Remember that protecting your smile against plaque is easy with home care and cleanings with our team. Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland, Kingwood, New Caney, Conroe, Livingston, Huffman, and all surrounding communities.