Flossing Your Smile: Is It Really Something I Have To Do?

You might have lots of grand notions about being such a good brusher and so dedicated to your checkups and cleanings that you figure you probably don’t need to floss. We understand this idea because we hear about it a lot! It’s tempting, of course, particularly when you feel like your smile seems quite healthy and looks good. Here’s the thing, though: You really do need to floss as part of your daily dental hygiene or it will eventually catch up with you in the form of consequences to your oral health. Take our Cleveland, TX team’s explanations to heart!

Your Brush Won’t Remove All Food And Plaque

We know that it seems like you can get your smile really clean when you brush very well. You can even carefully wiggle your toothbrush’s bristles between your teeth, which seems like it’s probably doing a pretty good job. Sometimes, you may not even feel like there’s anything between your teeth! However, keep in mind that though you can’t always feel it with your tongue, little bits of plaque are on your teeth, they’re just beneath your gumline, as are bits of food. You remove a substantial amount of it with your brush, of course, during dental hygiene! However, there’s a lot left between teeth (and just under your gum tissue) that only floss is going to remove, that only floss will help you with as you prevent gum disease, and that only floss can help you with as you avoid other problems like cavities! So yes, you’ve got to do it!

The Stuff You Hear Isn’t Always Accurate

You might find that you read articles online or in the paper and hear buzz amongst friends that goes something like this: “You don’t really need to floss your teeth, according to recent studies.” Well, remember something very important here! Just because you hear the term “studies” doesn’t mean that what’s been conducted has been thorough, accurate, or is reliable. Get to the source before you believe everything you hear or read! Even better, come see us! We treat smiles every day and know first hand that the answer is always yes, you really do need to floss as part of your dental hygiene experience in order to protect your oral health!

Consider Our Help If You Need Guidance With Dental Hygiene

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