Strong Teeth: 3 Things That Make A Difference

There are lots of things that help you maintain your oral health and very strong teeth. You might quickly be able to come up with some of them on your own (such as using fluoridated toothpaste). However, you may not recognize that there are also some other details you’re overlooking, which contribute greatly! Spend a moment with our Cleveland, TX team as we review a few factors that can make (or literally break!) your teeth, so you can do your best to strengthen that lovely smile of yours!

#1: Keeping Them Super Clean

You’re going to want to keep your teeth and gums nice and clean if you want strong teeth. You might not usually make the connection but it’s a very real one. Remember that the bacteria in plaque release acids in your mouth that, when they come into contact with and rest on teeth, weaken your enamel! This can lead to cavities, as well. Acids that rest on teeth from foods or beverages result in the same issue. Keeping your smile clean with cleanings and care at home is essential!

#2: Getting Sufficient Calcium

We don’t want you to forget that in order to keep your smile strong, you need strong teeth! In order to enjoy teeth that are nice and sturdy, you should keep up with a varied diet full of whole foods, so you get enough of your daily dose of calcium! While fluoride will help you maintain hard enamel, getting your calcium is also an essential part of your smile maintenance. Have questions about this requirement? Simply ask us during your next checkup!

#3: Addressing Problems The Second They Happen

This is very easy to explain. If you have a cavity and you treat it immediately, when it’s still very small, then you’ll have a small filling in your tooth. The result? You have the majority of your natural tissue preserved, so your tooth is still nice and strong with the filling in place. Now, what if you let that cavity grow? That means you have lost more of your dental tissue, which means a bigger filling, and less of your natural tissue remaining. The smaller amount of natural tissue that remains, the less structurally sound your tooth is and the more vulnerable it is to breaking. Protect your teeth with immediate restorative care, so you keep them nice and strong!

See Us For Help With Maintaining A Strong Smile

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