3 Of The Easiest Ways To Limit Sugar

When you decide you’d like to limit sugar in your diet, which can benefit many areas of your life (particularly by helping protect your oral health), you probably feel very excited. However, you are then faced with the actual task of figuring out how to do this. As you will notice, sugar is everywhere and in much greater supply (often free to you!) than you realized, making it seem more and more challenging to get through a day without indulging. Good news: Our team is fully familiar with this dilemma and will be more than happy to run you through some simple details that will make this change a breeze!

#1: Make A Rule

Our team likes to give patients a very helpful reminder when it comes to things they’re trying to do for themselves, such as avoiding sugar: Make a rule! This applies to just about anything it is you’re trying to accomplish for your oral health. For instance, tell yourself that you can only have sugar once a month and choose a date. Then, just follow through with this every time you have the opportunity to eat candy, ice cream, etc. Remind yourself that you set a rule and that this particular item does not fit into the guidelines! If you happen to have some seriously strong will power, this will work wonders for you!

#2: Don’t Let It Enter Your Home

Above all else, don’t bring sugar home with you. Don’t stop at the store to grab some candy on the way home. Don’t bring a bag of candy home for the kids. Don’t toss it into the cart when you’re shopping and promise yourself that you’ll be good and only eat a little. Instead, choose to eat it when you’re at a restaurant, a special event, etc., and this can help you dramatically reduce your intake as you protect your oral health.

#3: Find A Replacement

Avoid worrying about problems like tooth decay and the need for fillings as a result of sugar consumption by finding something else to eat! That way, when you’re tempted, you’ll have an alternative ready to go. Perhaps you eat some fresh fruit. Maybe you find xylitol-sweetened treats (this is a natural sugar that’s safe for your smile!). When you’re prepared, you’ll feel just fine about saying “no” to sugar.

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