3 Certain And Eventual Outcomes If You Forego Your Filling

Yes, of course, you have the freedom to choose not to get a dental filling even if we tell you that you require one. However, as you’ve probably already guessed, this is not something we would ever suggest for you! Instead, we hope that you will feel the urgency that comes with tooth decay and the need to treat it. Though, since you are not a dentist, we understand why you may not feel the same level of intensity that we feel at our Cleveland, TX practice when we discover you really need to restore your tooth. To help you gain some context, we offer up three certain and eventual outcomes that will take place if you choose not to get that filling!

#1: That Cavity Is Going To Get Big

Your cavity is going to get big. Yes. Even if it’s a very tiny cavity right now, it’s going to end up becoming a pretty big cavity. That is, assuming that you don’t get yourself a dental filling. When you get a filling, the cavity goes away. We remove the tissue that’s damaged, we clear away bacteria and debris, and the hole and disease are gone. When you just let the cavity do its thing, the bacteria keep eating away at your tooth and if you’re not careful, you could end up with an infection. Or, you could bite into something just right, causing the tissue around that area to collapse, which equals a broken tooth.

#2: Your Tooth Will Hurt

Your tooth is going to hurt if you don’t get a dental filling. “But it feels perfectly fine right now and I already have a cavity,” you might say. Yes, this might be true. However, that’s because you have a small amount of decay. When the cavity is bigger, nerves become exposed. As a result, your tooth feels very sensitive and can begin hurting! If you’re not interested in this likely future, then choose a filling.

#3: You’ll Lose That Tooth

Let’s say you really, truly ignore your need for a dental filling for a long time. As you already know, the decay is going to spread. You’ll lose more of your dental tissue. Your tooth could break. A serious infection may develop. Eventually, the tooth will likely become so diseased and/or damaged, that you’ll need it removed. Select the filling instead!

Choose Fillings When Necessary To Avoid Consequences

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