2 (Other) Reasons You Need Implants

You know that when you end up with a problem like decay or infection that claims the health and life of your tooth, the loss of that tooth may follow. Once the tooth has been extracted, you may choose to replace it with a dental implant. While hygiene-related illness is certainly one reason you end up choosing an implant as your prosthetic, did you know that there other moments in which you may find yourself with an open spot in your smile that’s ready for an implant? Make your way through some other reasons this may become something you need!

#1: You Never Developed A Permanent Tooth

Have you ever heard of hypodontia? If you are someone who is missing one or several teeth as the result of heredity, then this may be something you’ve become familiar with. In some cases, a patient may develop some but not all of his or her permanent teeth due to genetics. While this can initially be upsetting, the good news is that you may look forward to a life not only with a replacement for the visible portion of that tooth but a replacement for the whole thing! Enjoy a smile with replacement roots and a crown for the missing tooth when you consider a dental implant and dental crown.

#2: Your Tooth Becomes Dislodged Due To Trauma

Leaving out any type of disease-related damage and even accidental cracks or breakage that are your own unintentional doing, remember that there’s always the possibility of some traumatic impact. You might be very active in sports or you may simply not see something headed your way! The result? Sometimes you lose a tooth when your mouth is the part of your body that absorbs the shock. Fortunately, dental implants are here to help.

Discover Whether An Implant Is Right For You

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