Sealants: Things That May Really Surprise You!

You might think you know quite a lot about dental sealants and you might even be right! When you’re up to date and well informed regarding dental care for your child, chances are quite good that you’ve done some investigating. As you know, sealants keep bad stuff like bacteria from making their way into little grooves of back teeth (the chewing surfaces), which can greatly help limit the occurrence of cavities. However, there may be some little things (and some bigger realizations) that are sneaking past you, the details of which might prove beneficial for your outlook on this preventive treatment in more ways than you may expect!

They’ll Last Into Your Child’s Adult Years

You might have heard when discussing dental sealants with our team that they can last and last. To be more specific, you can look forward to a 10-year life from them, assuming the wearer takes good care of his or her teeth. What you may not have put together as a result is the fact that if your child receives sealants at age 12, for example, this means the sealants might continue to provide preventive protection until your son or daughter is 22! It’s certainly a benefit to consider.

They’re For Adults, Too

We often find that patients, adult patients that is, wonder why they don’t have dental sealants on their teeth. Yes, as an adult, you’re a more seasoned and skilled brusher than your child. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t occasionally miss a spot or have a need for protection on back chewing surfaces. We would be more than happy to discuss with you whether sealants may offer you additional, necessary prevention against cavities.

Prevent Cavities With The Help Of Sealants

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