Veneers: Why We Might Suggest Them

Perhaps you come in to see us for something that you aren’t pleased with, such as discoloration, and you already have an idea in mind regarding what we will suggest for you. However, even though you might have assumed you’d need whitening, for instance, we suggest porcelain veneers. Why have we chosen this particular cosmetic treatment, you might wonder? What types of reasons might this be the most suitable selection? Let’s cover some!

Your Discoloration Is Too Severe

We might suggest porcelain veneers when you come to see us about your smile because your teeth are very discolored. Remember that mild staining or moderate staining is often something that traditional teeth whitening can lift. However, because you don’t want sort of white teeth but a much brighter smile, if the shade of your smile is too deep or the discoloration is stubborn, it might be time for veneers. They let us camouflage teeth, so you can achieve whatever shade you want without aggravating dental tissues!

You Want Lots Of Changes

Another reason you might not get exactly what you’re expecting? Sometimes, the best and most expedient route to your dream smile is with porcelain veneers. Yes, you might combine bonding, contouring, whitening, etc. to get there. Or, it may be easier and may offer even better results for us to fully customize the finished product with the use of veneers. They’re natural looking and beautiful. They can address problems like chips, craze lines, stains, all over discoloration, length issues, gaps, textural concerns, and the list just keeps going and going. Ask us about veneers!

Learn More About Whether Veneers Will Benefit You With A Visit

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