Three Simple Smile Helpers

A friendly smile gives a boost to your day, whether you are the one giving it, or receiving it. Laughter has been shown to lower blood sugar levels and increase immune response. Smiles come more easily when teeth and gums are in good shape. That means attention to brushing and flossing at home, and regular dental checkups and cleanings. Along with these necessary steps, there are simple (and inexpensive) things you can do at home, to help your smile stay at its best.

Simple Helper #1: Use A Straw

Teeth that are stained or dull blunt your desire to smile. When you sip dark colored drinks (such as colas, fruit juice and iced tea) use a straw. This protects teeth from discoloration. A straw also keeps sugary drinks off tooth enamel, which helps protect from decay. For hot drinks, red wine, or when a straw is not at hand, sip to the back of your mouth, to keep liquid away from teeth as much as possible. Teeth whitening by a dental professional can enhance tooth color and brightness, if you’ve skipped a straw for too long.

Simple Helper #2: Brush With A Gentle Touch

It’s important to keep teeth clean, but that doesn’t mean scrubbing away when you brush. Proper brushing means using a tooth brush marked as “soft” and brushing with gentle touch. Excessive vigor when brushing can irritate gum tissue, opening the way for small cuts and gum recession. More exposed tooth tissue means more possibility of gingivitis and tooth decay.

Simple Helper #3: Don’t Ignore Something New

When you notice something new, it’s probably OK to observe for a day or two to see if it clears up. Toothaches, for example, can be related to air travel or a common cold. On the other hand, if trouble lingers, flares up rapidly, or is causing you concern, make an appointment with our friendly staff. In the best case, your mind will be at ease. And if it needs attention, sooner is better.

Help Your Smile Stay At Its Best

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