Oral Health: Hand Tips For Winter!

Wait a second, you may be thinking to yourself. Why on earth are we talking about your hands when we are helping you protect your oral health? Well, because you might overlook the fact that your hands are highly involved in protecting your teeth and gums. As a result, when winter hits, you may find yourself feeling frustrated and uncomfortable (two things we can help you avoid with some easy tips!).

Winter Hands: Careful With Soap, Etc.

During the rest of the year, your hands may look lovely. However, when the very drying days of winter arrive, you might end up with extremely dry hands that hurt and that might even crack. You don’t necessarily realize that your oral health can play a role, so let’s talk through the details:

  • Since it’s best to wash your hands before dental hygiene, you may want to start using something that cleanses and that helps hydrate your skin
  • Since you likely wash after flossing, too, remember that the aforementioned suggestion is very important!
  • Try to use warm, not very hot water, to give your hands a rest
  • Remember that other products you use, such as astringents on your face, or mouthwash to rinse, can make matters worse if they get onto your hands

Lotion Can Rescue You!

You might want to get serious about your lotion use. In the morning, before bed, throughout the day, after you practice dental hygiene to protect your oral health. You get the idea. The more you nourish your hands with added moisture, the easier it is to get through the colder months, without sacrificing the comfort of your fingers!

Protect Your Oral Health And Your Hands With Our Help!

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