Holiday Special: End The Year With A (Healthy) Smile!

Yep, you’re hearing an awful lot about the holidays from us. It’s because we know what it’s like to try to keep your usual daily life schedule going, while you’ve got an additional three-mile-long list of other things to do that feel equally important. Of course, as your list of people you need to buy presents for seems to grow, you may also feel like you need to put dental care on the back burner due to budget. Good news: We are offering a holiday special, including a free exam and free X-ray! Call us to schedule your visit.

Your Exam

For a quick review, remember that when you come in for our holiday special, you’ll be receiving a free exam. What’s a dental exam for exactly? Well, it’s a very important part of your preventive dental care. We’ll check your smile, check your teeth, your gums, your function, and every last detail associated with your oral health. If anything requires attention (such as a cavity), we will let you know and suggest the right treatment.

Your X-Ray

We cannot see everything with our eyes alone, so part of your preventive dental care is advanced imaging. It gives us the behind-the-scenes look at your tissues, for a more intricate knowledge of what’s happening at a deeper level. Your holiday special will include a free X-ray, too.

Learn More!

Curious about what your holiday special for dental care will include? Get the details by giving us a call, learning more, and setting up time to see us before the year is through. Thankfully, this will help you end the year (and start the new one) with a healthy grin.

See Us For A Holiday Special ASAP!

We are offering a special that includes a free exam and X-ray! Call us to set up a time and date for your checkup soon. Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland, Kingwood, New Caney, Conroe, Livingston, Huffman, and all surrounding communities.