Invisalign Treatment: Don’t Make It Complicated

The good news is that your Invisalign treatment can be very simple and effective. Treatment is not difficult. You wear the trays for the amount of time that we suggest, you come in to see us when we recommend that you do, and then one day … your smile is straight! Sounds easy, right? Well. We know firsthand that if you aren’t careful, it can become unnecessarily complicated and fraught with difficulty. Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen to you!

Get Real About Time Details

It’s very easy to assume you’re doing a wonderful job when it comes to keeping up with wearing your Invisalign treatment trays. You may even give yourself a mental pat on the back every day. However, if you’re not actually watching the clock, it’s easy to wear them for too few hours for effective care. Track your time just to be sure that they’re in your mouth for 20 to 22 hours every day and nothing less.

Don’t Leave Trays Lying Around

Just like your favorite sweater that you once handled with kid gloves and now toss on the floor, you may stop feeling as protective of your Invisalign treatment trays over time. Unfortunately, if you leave trays lying around, they’re likely to become damaged, dirty, lost, or even stolen (your dog doesn’t know they’re not chew toys). Keep them safe!

Follow All Suggestions

We strongly encourage you to clean your Invisalign treatment trays as we suggest, to store them according to our recommendations, and to keep a tight schedule with your follow-up visits. As a result, your trays will remain safe and intact and will offer effective shifting. You will also get through your treatment as quickly as possible with beautiful results.

See Us For Smile Straightening With Invisalign

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