Craze Line Time: Fast Facts!

By now, if you have been trying to figure out what on earth you’re seeing in your enamel, you might know that your teeth have craze lines. This is something you can figure out pretty quickly, thanks to our world full of resources and quick answers! However, that doesn’t mean that you know exactly what’s going on, that you’re sure you know what you’re looking at, or that you have the first idea about how to move forward. Try our fast facts out and you’ll feel much better!

Fact: They’re Real Cracks

A craze line is, by definition, a crack. It’s not a tooth crack, though, which means it isn’t affecting the multiple layers of dental tissue in your tooth. It’s affecting only the protective layer, called enamel.

Fact: They’re Not Threatening

Since the craze line is extremely slim and is only present in your enamel, it’s no biggie! You might not feel overjoyed by the way it looks but it isn’t going to be a hazard for your dental health.

Fact: They’re Treatable

This type of line in your tooth is a visual blemish but it isn’t serious damage. We can treat a craze line by hiding or whitening it (depending on the problem it presents for your smile’s appearance). Interested? Talk with us about bonding, whitening, or porcelain veneers.

Fact: You Can Just Leave Them Alone

You can just leave the craze line as is. It’s not doing anything bad to your tooth and it isn’t going to in the future. It’s really all about whether you’re okay with the way it looks (or not).

Take Care Of Craze Lines With Our Cosmetic Treatment Options

Set up a consultation to talk with us about your craze lines, so we may camouflage those you dislike. Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland, Kingwood, New Caney, Conroe, Livingston, Huffman, and all surrounding communities.