Cold-Weather Illnesses: 3 Suggestions

Along with the ever-welcome cooler, friendlier temperatures, and festive celebrations that come with the change of the seasons into autumn and winter come something less lovely: Illnesses that can keep you down for the count for days on end! From the flu to the common cold and then some, there are some not-so-nice germs that make an appearance once sweater weather rolls around. To ensure your smile health isn’t getting caught up in this frustrating detail, we’ve got a few helpful suggestions.

#1: It’s Okay, You Can Be A Little Selfish

No, we don’t mean that it’s time to give up on your spirit of giving. However, we do strongly advise you to say “no” to anyone who asks if they can borrow anything from you (or share) that might possible end with the transmission of germs. This might include smile health related items like a toothbrush or paste. It might include anything else, as well, that has come into contact with saliva!

#2: Keep That Immune System Up!

Keep yourself in good shape. This means going to bed nice and early, so you get enough rest. Eat healthy foods that are good for you (when they’re good for your body, they benefit your smile health, too). Oh, and remember: Drink plenty of water, which is good for every part of your system.

#3: Try Your Hardest

Yes, we know that sometimes even with your very best attempt, you catch a cold. We also know that you’re not feeling up to going anywhere, which might include the bathroom sink. Do your best to brush twice daily, to floss, and to rinse your mouth with water. It’s most certainly worth it.

Keep Your Smile Healthy Year Round With Visits

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