Baby Teeth: A Q&A Session

What to make of those adorable baby teeth in your child’s smile, you wonder? As you know, they will start to fall out at some point, usually around the time your child is five years of age. So, with that in mind, you might feel a bit conflicted regarding the significance of dental care for your little one. Is it that big of a deal if your child isn’t in the mood to brush at night? Should you be scheduling preventive visits like the ones you schedule for yourself? Get the answers you need right now!

Questions and Answers

Question: Should I protect my child’s baby teeth? Can you help?

Answer: Yes, you should. The teeth require protection from the moment the first one shows up in your child’s smile. As for our care, of course we can help! We offer children’s dental services to ensure those teeth remain in beautiful condition.

Question: What should I do to protect my child’s baby teeth at home?

Answer: You should make sure your child brushes in the morning, brushes at night, and flosses once a day (prior to that, you should clean your child’s smile until he or she is ready to brush and floss independently).

Question: Why is it so important to protect my child’s baby teeth? Aren’t they temporary?

Answer: These teeth are temporary, yes. However, they will be there for many years, while the next set of teeth (the permanent ones) begin to develop underneath. When the first set of teeth are protected and healthy, they make way for the safe development and eruption of the next set. Otherwise, damage may affect both.

Protect Baby Teeth To Promote A Properly Developing Smile

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