FAQs: Which Dental Floss Is The Right One?

There’s nothing like bringing up the topic of dental floss to make some of our patients cringe. However, the good news is that when you like the floss you’re using and you feel confident about your dental hygiene, you’re more likely to have a neutral or positive reaction when we ask about your flossing. So, how to ensure you’re purchasing products that will get you to this point in your dental care? Our FAQs will help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I can’t stand flossing because the floss hurts between my teeth! What should I do?

Answer: First, you should schedule a checkup with us, so we can be sure it’s your flossing and not gum disease. Second, you should choose floss that’s crafted specifically for sensitivity. A tape version or one that has a soft finish will do.

Question: Does flavor play any role in protecting my oral health?

Answer: Not exactly. Any flavor will help you protect your smile, so long as you’re using it during dental hygiene. However, this is where things can get a bit more abstract: If you like the flavor, you’re more likely to actually use the floss. So, it’s worth choosing something you like.

Question: Is there a right or a wrong choice?

Answer: Your dental hygiene is highly personalized because no two smiles are alike. There are two ways you might choose the wrong floss. First, if you buy something you don’t like or that is uncomfortable for you. Second, if you choose floss that is not approved by the ADA (American Dental Association) and that ends up providing poor results.

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