Familiarizing You With: Dentures!

Are you someone who has been spending time online lately trying to figure out how to address your tooth loss? How many teeth are you missing and what are you hoping to achieve? Fortunately, regardless of the number of missing teeth, as long as you are interested in getting your full smile back, we can help you with full or partial dentures. Before you make any assumptions about what this means, we strongly encourage you to learn a bit more about what dentures can offer you and your smile.

You Can Choose From Two Types Of Support

Let’s start off with the important stuff: You are considering full or partial dentures but you worry about stability. Good news: You may choose traditional support if you wish, which will allow you to reclaim your quality of life! Or, you may increase stability with implant support. We will cover the details during your visit, so you feel confident regarding your choice.

You May Replace Any Number Of Missing Teeth

Need to replace one tooth or several teeth? A partial denture will work for you, even if teeth are not all missing in a row. Need a complete arch replaced (or both)? Full dentures are just what you need.

You Can Expect Amazing Results

Don’t let yourself assume full or partial dentures are going to seem artificial, feel funny, or look chunky. They are none of these things. Toss aside any old thoughts you may have gathered up from your ideas about dentures and recognize that the following is true in modern dentistry:

  • Today’s prosthetics are lightweight and slim
  • Your smile will look natural
  • You will enjoy comfort and your quality of life will improve dramatically

See Us For Dentures Today

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