Do You Need A Deep Cleaning?

Why Do I Need A Deep Cleaning?Good oral hygiene is the best way to lower your risk for dental problems and complications. Brushing and flossing twice a day is a big part of good oral hygiene. Another big part is regular visits to your dentist’s office for check-ups and cleanings. Your teeth should be professionally cleaned every six months. A hygienist will be able to remove any plaque and tartar build-up that you may not have been able to remove at home. Along with your mouth getting sparkling clean, a professional will better be able to spot any potential problems. When gum disease is caught early, it can be treated with a deep cleaning. 

If gum disease is untreated

There are two forms of gum disease: gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease. It is inflammation of the gums with symptoms of redness and swelling. It is common and it is mostly caused by poor oral hygiene. It can be reversed by improving your oral hygiene. When gingivitis is left untreated and the poor oral hygiene continues, it can progress into the more serious form of gum disease called periodontitis. Periodontitis can cause the gums to start pulling away from the teeth which ultimately can lead to potential loss of the teeth. Severe gum disease is an infection that can travel in your bloodstream to other parts of your body. Gum disease can increase your risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and more.

What is a deep cleaning?

Gum disease is caused when plaque and tartar form along and under the gum line. If your dentist or hygienist diagnoses you with gum disease, a deep cleaning can remove that plaque and tartar build up from your gums. Ultrasonic scaling is a method using technology to deep clean the gums more quickly and comfortably.

A deep cleaning can reverse gum disease

A deep cleaning of your teeth and gums can help your overall health. Schedule a consultation by calling our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland, Kingwood, New Caney, Conroe, Livingston, Huffman, and all surrounding communities.