Dental Sealants: Quizzing Your Knowledge

When you think that you should probably get moving on dental sealants for your child but you don’t actually feel completely confident about them, there’s a problem! You need more information, of course. To get your headed in the right direction, our quiz will most certainly help. We also encourage you to give us a call, so we can make sure you feel extremely knowledgeable and so we may schedule a visit for sealant placement!

Quiz Questions: True or False?

  1. True or False: Your child isn’t going to be able to see the dental sealants on his or her teeth (the same goes for anyone else who looks, aside from a dentist). Your child won’t be able to feel the sealants, either.
  2. True or False: Sealants last around a decade or so, which means you can expect to place them on your child’s teeth and then enjoy added protection for ten years until we decide that they require touching up or that your child no longer needs additional protection.
  3. True or False: Receiving sealants is no big deal. The process is quick, efficient, and comfortable.

Quiz Answers

  1. True. You don’t need to spend a moment worrying about whether your child can feel or see the dental sealants. They are (almost) a magical way of protecting your son or daughter’s teeth because they do their work without causing any interruption.
  2. True. In many instances, they can last a full decade! That’s some serious preventive help.
  3. True. It’s very easy and completely comfortable for your child to receive sealants. We are compassionate and gentle, simply cleaning and prepping the tooth, painting and hardening the sealant, and that’s it!

Protect Developing Smiles With Dental Sealants

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