Q&A: What Can Toothpaste Do For Me?

You know that toothpaste is supposed to be something you use every day, two times a day, during your required brushing. What you might not feel like you know quite so well is what to make of toothpaste, what it can really do for you, and whether any of the specialty products you see out there are really going to do what they say. To ensure you feel informed on this topic, we offer questions (and answers) that will guide your dental hygiene!

Questions and Answers

Question: Can toothpaste whiten my smile? I keep seeing dental hygiene products everywhere I turn, claiming that if I brush with them, my smile will turn bright white.

Answer: Nope. Toothpaste that’s been formulated to address stains can most definitely help offer a bit of polishing, so the stains that rest on the very surface of your teeth are scrubbed away. However, if you can tell at all, it will be a very, very subtle improvement. You need professional whitening (or another cosmetic treatment) for the change you want.

Question: Can sensitivity toothpaste really help me?

Answer: Yes, if you are dealing with sensitivity, toothpaste that claims it can help with this oral health issue will actually help. That is, as long as you use it consistently and exactly as directed. One application will not offer optimal results.

Question: Does toothpaste really do something to protect my smile?

Answer: It does. It contains ingredients to thoroughly yet gently cleanse your teeth, softening and removing plaque. This dental hygiene product should also contain fluoride (whatever it is that you choose), which is key in keeping your smile strong. Fluoride, a mineral, supports healthy enamel.

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