Dental Hygiene Questions You’re Too Shy To Ask

When you’re brushing your teeth, flossing your teeth, or even thinking about it, you may notice that your thoughts tends to leave you with a lot of questions. While you could certainly benefit from answers, particularly if they’re about how to perform optimal dental hygiene, that doesn’t mean you’re going to ask. Why not? Well, like many patients, you might feel a little too shy. First things first, we suggest you remember we are happy to answer anything! As for common questions we receive (which will show you that your inquiries aren’t embarrassing, after all), we’re happy to present them with answers.

Should I Floss Before I Brush? Or After I Brush?

This is a question that we hear an awful lot! Depending on how you were raised, what your friends do, what you’ve seen on television, and more, you might have some very specific ideas about which is right. Before you get into a heated debate with a friend, however, take a moment to let this sink in: Either one is fine. Yep, it’s true. Figure out which one you prefer and stick with it.

How Hard Should I Press When I Brush?

Dental hygiene is all about being consistent and remaining gentle. So, when you find yourself wondering if you should be pressing harder, using more force, etc., instantly hold onto the word “gentle.” It will remind you that you should not be hard on your oral tissues ever. It can only lead to damage.

Can I Just Brush And Floss Once A Day?

Not if you want to have a healthy smile! Here’s why: In as little as just one day, plaque can solidify into tartar, which is not budging when you practice your dental hygiene. Avoid the damage that will follow (like decay and gum disease) by following our advice to brush twice and floss once daily.

Come In For Answers To Your Dental Care Questions

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