3 Extremely Common Extraction Questions

If you have learned that your oral health will be best protected with a dental extraction in the near future, you probably have some questions for us. First, we encourage you to recognize that this is a common procedure that patients require for a wide variety of reasons. As for the other stuff that you and most of our other patients end up wondering about as you schedule your procedure, the answers are important because they will help you feel relaxed and confident. Let’s get you started with responses to questions we hear very often.

Question #1: Will It Hurt?

Your dental extraction is not going to hurt. This is the case for two particular reasons. The first is the fact that we practice restorative care on sites that we have numbed with a local anesthetic, so you feel very little. The second is that we practice gentle, thoughtful dentistry, so we monitor your comfort and ensure you receive the compassionate care you deserve.

Question #2: Is Recovery Difficult?

Not at all. You will need to be careful as the tissue within the site clots and heals. However, this will only require a couple days of extreme caution. We will send you home with all of the details you require for successful aftercare, so you know what to eat, how to clean your smile, and how to promote a comfortable and speedy recovery.

Question #3: Can I Replace My Tooth Afterwards?

If you need to replace your tooth (as in, you haven’t received a dental extraction for a wisdom tooth or for orthodontic care) then of course! We offer a full array of prosthetic dentistry solutions, so your post-extraction smile is complete.

Learn All You Need To Know About Extractions

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