Your Cavity: Questions About Care

You have tooth decay, you discover during your dental checkup. Now what? Is it really that important that you quickly follow up by coming in for restorative care or do we just act as though it’s urgent? Is something bad going to happen to your tooth if you don’t come in for a dental filling? Or, can you take leisurely steps to scheduling your visit, receiving your filling eventually without any consequence? For frequently asked questions such as these, we offer answers that are sure to help you feel better informed.

Questions and Answers

Question: What happens if I just don’t do anything at all in regard to seeking restorative care after I receive a cavity as a diagnosis?

Answer: If you just pretend nothing has happened, you will have a rude awakening. Tooth decay is a problem that continues to worsen without stop. It can claim the structure and life of your tooth, result in infection, and require an extraction.

Question: What should I do to prevent the issue from getting worse?

Answer: To stop this extreme progression once tooth decay affects your smile, you should act immediately. When you act with urgency and schedule a dental visit for the restorative treatment we suggest (probably a filling), you put an end to the problem, so your tooth (and entire smile) is healthy once again.

Question: What if I procrastinate too long to receive a dental filling but not so long that I end up requiring a dental extraction? Can you still help me?

Answer: Of course. When you’ve got severe decay that has not yet destroyed your tooth, we can remove the decay and crown your tooth. Remember, if the decay leads to infection, you may require a root canal treatment, as well.

Save Your Tooth With Our Restorative Care

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