My Tongue: Must I Brush It?

Ah, yes. The age old question: Must I brush my tongue as part of my dental hygiene? We know that for some, the sensation that comes with this aspect of smile care is often a little displeasing. We know that for others, the thought of brushing one’s tongue simply never seemed like a significant factor. Today, we help address the most important details that accompany this question. In short, the answer is yes, your tongue needs cleansing, too. For the extended version, get ready for specifics!

Yes, You Need To Clean It

So, now you know that you need to clean your tongue during your dental hygiene sessions. This means that twice daily is ideal. Not sure why we suggest this? Well, remember that bacteria that coats your teeth? It likes to hitch a ride on your tongue, too (only it doesn’t have any plans of going anywhere). Its presence can increase your chance of problems like decay and will most certainly lead to bad breath. So, it’s best to clean it away.

Yes, Brushing Is Great!

Of course, if you’re comfortable brushing your tongue as part of your dental hygiene, it’s a good option. Use your brush and paste to gently yet thoroughly sweep the bristles from the back of your tongue toward the front for effective care.

No, Brushing Isn’t The Only Option

Can’t stand brushing your tongue but you like caring for your oral health? No worries, there’s an alternative to the toothbrush: Use a tongue scraper instead. It’s simple, it’s handheld, and it is gentle. Instead of the bristles, you’ll pull a smooth piece of plastic along your tongue to remove bacteria and debris. Simple!

Make Simple Changes To Protect Your Smile Health

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