Calcium: The Facts And Figures

You have long heard that you require calcium for strong teeth and strong bones. While it’s certainly ingrained in your thoughts to consider how much calcium you’re getting every day and to do your best to protect yourself, you might not be making a concerted effort to check in on your levels. After all, most packaged food is fortified and you can always worry about it later, right? Well, it’s good to become mindful of this factor, so you can best protect your skeletal system and your oral health. Don’t worry. We’ve got some facts and figures for you!

How Much You Require

In order to protect your oral health and any other part of your body that requires calcium, you should be getting about 1,000 milligrams a day (for adults up to the age of 50). After 50, men will generally continue with 1,000 a day, while women require a bit more at 1,200. Remember, factors like pregnancy can change the required amount, so it is best to speak with your doctor.

How To Get It

You should be getting the majority of your calcium through the foods you’re eating every day. Then, if you find that you’re still not hitting the daily requirement, close the gap by taking calcium supplements. Check out the nutritional content on packaged foods and remember to reach for items that are known for their calcium content, such as dairy, dark green leafy veggies, and almonds.

Additional Details

Remember that while calcium is essential for good oral health, it’s not the only factor. Ensure your smile remains healthy by seeing our team for your two-times-a-year checkups and by caring for your smile at home.

Keep Calcium Up For Healthy Teeth

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