Bad Breath: Why Is This Happening?

If you are struggling with bad breath but not the kind that requires a quick brush and rinse, you might not know what to do. Before you worry that you’re stuck with this problem forever, we encourage you to recognize that the foul odor comes from a variety of underlying causes. By making your way through the potential list, identifying possibilities, and then dealing with them, you can get your breath back to an approachable level very soon.

Where Bad Breath Comes From

This problem stems from a variety of places. In general, it comes from the foods you eat, medication side effects, and the way you care for your smile. Think through the following, so you have a clearer understanding of what might be going on:

  • If you are eating very smelly foods, they might be lingering and causing bad breath.
  • If you are taking a medication that lists “dry mouth” as a side effect, it can lead to bad breath.
  • If you are experiencing dry mouth that has been left untreated, it can cause foul breath because bacteria have a chance to multiply (saliva isn’t regularly rinsing them away as it should) and release offensive smells.
  • If you aren’t brushing and flossing (and scheduling cleanings) as you are supposed to, the bacterial accumulation will cause yucky breath.

How To Handle It

Make your way through the list of possibilities and see what you come up with! Eliminate smelly foods and see if that helps. Check the medications you’re taking and ask yourself whether you feel like you have “cotton mouth.” If so, discuss the issue with your doctor and take steps to moisten your mouth (drink more water and address issues that cause you to breathe through your mouth like congestion). Improve your dental hygiene and come in for cleanings, so your bad breath takes a hike.

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