4 Things To Know About Invisalign Treatment

When you decide it’s definitely time to do something about your misaligned teeth, you may find yourself gravitating toward Invisalign treatment. You know that it’s an alternative to traditional braces and that sounds pretty good but you might not really know much else about this orthodontic treatment. Curious about what you can expect? We’ve got some helpful information laid out for you that will assist you in making a bit of headway.

#1: It’s For A Lot Of Concerns

Invisalign treatment is for many concerns. If you’re under the impression that it’s primarily for very minor issues, think again! Do you have open bite? Did you learn you suffer from cross bite or under bite? How about overcrowding or spacing? You will be surprised by the fact that this very attractive treatment can work for many types of misalignment problems.

#2: You Can Remove The Trays

You get to take the Invisalign treatment trays out of your mouth (to eat or to brush your teeth and floss). This means treatment will not get in the way of your life.

#3: It Really Is Practically Invisible

You might hear that it’s called Invisalign because it’s invisible and it aligns your smile. This is actually true. The trays are clear, slim plastic, and it’s nearly impossible to detect them unless someone is standing quite close.

#4: You Just Need A Consultation

If you’re curious about whether Invisalign treatment is an option for you, what type of misalignment is affecting your smile, and if you are a candidate, you just need to call us. A simple consultation will give you all the answers you’re seeking.