Flossing: Helping You Make The Most Of It!

There’s something about flossing that can turn an otherwise attentive, committed patient into someone ready to run for the hills. While this part of your dental hygiene is simple and effective, if you have questions, uncertainties, or frustration, you may find that it seems anything but easy. Before you toss this very important aspect of your care aside, we instead suggest you ask us your questions. To get you started on making the most of your flossing (and feeling good about the whole thing), we offer some helpful, reassuring guidance.

How To Do It

To floss, there’s a very simple method that will work for you every time. Follow these suggestions to protect your oral health with optimal dental hygiene:

  • Start with floss that’s about 18 inches in length
  • Wrap the floss around your middle fingers (not your index fingers)
  • Take up the floss between your thumbs and your index fingers
  • Slide the floss between two teeth, gently curving the floss around one tooth (beginning just beneath your gum tissue)
  • Drag the floss upward; repeat along that tooth’s neighbor before you remove the floss
  • Repeat throughout your full smile (making sure to inch along the floss, so you use fresh floss for each space)

Why It’s Important

It’s so important to floss because your dental hygiene won’t be its most effective without it. Your brush removes a significant amount of plaque from your teeth. It does not, however, remove the plaque buildup and food particles from between your teeth that flossing will get rid of. Floss daily!