Dental Crowns: 3 Things To Know

If you aren’t up to speed on the details of dental crowns, you may wish to learn a bit more. While feeling knowledgeable about crowns may not seem pressing most of the time, the moment you learn that you need one, you will certainly find yourself full of several questions. Get a bit more familiar with what you can expect from this restorative treatment, so you know just what you can look forward to receiving.

#1: They Offer Full Coverage

Dental crowns are not partial restorations that address one small part of your tooth. Instead, they provide full coverage. What’s this mean? Well, your tooth may require serious repair and protection. We use the crown, which is an artificial tooth with a hollow interior, to thoroughly cover the dental tissue remaining in your smile. You’ll get your structure back, while tissue beneath stays safe.

#2: Your Crown Can Look Lovely

Of course, we offer metal crowns that provide strength and a budget-friendly choice. However, this is only something we may suggest for back, difficult-to-see teeth. We also offer a variety of beautiful options, so your crown looks just like your natural tooth. Your restoration may be made of porcelain fused to metal (PFM), porcelain, or zirconia.

#3: For Some, A Crown In A Day Is Possible

If you qualify, you may be able to receive your dental crown within a single visit. This is all thanks to advanced technology known as CEREC. With one visit to our practice, we can diagnose you, take digital impressions, design, and even place your crown.