4 Things You Hate About Brushing (And What To Do)

When you think about brushing your teeth, do you get a nice warm, fuzzy feeling? Or, do you find yourself feeling a little bit repulsed by the notion? If you immediately answered with the latter of the two options, it might be time to do something about how much you dislike your dental hygiene routine. You better believe making improvements is worth it! Your oral health will benefit more than you can imagine. Consider some helpful tips.

#1: You Can’t Seem To Do It Gently

If you hate brushing your teeth because even with all your effort, you can’t seem to practice your dental hygiene gently (as we suggest), you are not without hope! Just switch to using an electric toothbrush (try to find one with the features that shuts the brush off if you press too hard).

#2: You Can’t Tell If You’re Doing It Right

Not sure if you’re brushing correctly, so you feel stressed during dental hygiene? Stop worrying. Ask us to go through the steps with you during your next visit.

#3: The Brush Head Can’t Reach Back Teeth

If you cannot reach the back teeth in your smile because your toothbrush’s head is too big, you are missing plaque that can lead to decay. Don’t let this ruin your feelings toward dental care. Instead, purchase a brush with a smaller and/or flexible head.

#4: It Takes A Lot Of Time

Before you feel negatively toward brushing, remind yourself that it actually doesn’t take that much time at all! Four minutes of daily brushing is but a blink of time out of the 1,440 minutes that make up one day.