Don’t Worry, You Can Receive Emergency Dental Care!

There’s nothing scarier than suddenly noticing you broke your tooth or realizing discomfort you thought would go away is getting worse. On the flip side of that experience, there are few things more relieving than realizing emergency dental care is only a few steps away. So, when the unexpected occurs and you’re in need of some serious attention from our dental team, just follow a few helpful guidelines and you’ll be back in good shape in no time.

It’s An Emergency! Now What?

First, ask yourself what’s going on. Do you need an immediate dental appointment? Or, is it time to call 911 or head to the ER? If you’re not losing blood or worried for your life (and your problem is related to your oral health), then it’s certainly dental related. This means that you need to do the following:

  • Take a couple deep breaths and try to stay calm. It will help the process feel as though it’s going by more quickly.
  • Call us right away, so we can schedule time to see you for your emergency dental care.
  • Contact a friend to help you with the details if necessary (perhaps you feel too shaken up to drive, so you prefer a friend bring you to our practice).

Make Sure You’re Prepared

Requiring emergency dental care is much less stressful when you’re prepared if something should happen to your smile. Fortunately, getting ready just in case is easy. You’ll want to write down our phone number (or store it in your phone) where it’s easy to access (call 281-592-1234 if the issue occurs when our office is closed). It’s also wise to have a list of friends or family members who will be happy to help you if you suddenly need it.