Your Questions About Dental Cleanings

As you may already know about dental cleanings, there’s something extremely refreshing about them. First, you will literally walk away from our practice with a fresher feeling mouth. Second, of course, you will know your mouth is as clean as it is going to get and that you’ve got a solid foundation for effective care at home. As for those details you’re unsure about (like what exactly we’re doing while you’re lying in our chair), we are happy to provide some quick answers!

Q&A: Cleanings

Question: What can I expect from a regular dental cleaning? How do I know if this is what I need?

Answer: Patients without gingivitis or any other stage of gum disease need regular cleanings. This is what you will receive unless we suggest otherwise. When you visit us, we will use gentle, thorough techniques to remove plaque that you have missed, as well as any tartar. We will also use an instrument that will gently polish your smile.

Question: What about a deep cleaning? How do I know if I need an ultrasonic deep cleaning and what does this mean?

Answer: You will need a deep dental cleaning if you are experiencing gum disease. We will be able to detect inflammation during checkups. This means that we perform a cleaning that includes reaching further beneath your gumline to remove plaque and tartar that you cannot access (and that is harming your gum tissue).

Question: How often should I schedule my dental cleanings?

Answer: For regular cleanings, we need to see you once every six months (twice a year). We will provide you with specific instructions if you require a deep cleaning (as we generally clean one quadrant of your mouth at a time with this treatment).