How To Protect Your Children From Broken Teeth

As you learn that kids have more energy than you remember ever having (and a greater tendency to fall down and run into things than you remember ever having), you quickly become the protector of all things. When it comes to your children’s teeth, you might find yourself feeling a little out of your element. What can you do to help protect those lovely teeth from becoming broken or dislodged? Fortunately, the oral health answers are actually quite simple to learn (and to implement).

Don’t Let Them Use Teeth As Tool Replacements

Your child’s teeth (and your own) should not be used to carry items, to rip open packages, to cut things, or to pry things open. Leave your teeth for chewing and speaking and let the tools intended for such jobs to do the tough work. This will help you avoid oral health issues like broken teeth and chips.

Choose A Mouthguard

Protect your child’s oral health by helping to limit the chance of broken teeth during activities like sports. When your son or daughter becomes active, the chance of an accidental elbow to the smile or athletic equipment coming into contact with someone’s teeth becomes much greater. By providing your child with a sports mouthguard, you significantly decrease the worry.

Keep Hard Food Out Of The House

Don’t assume that because your children are young and resilient that their teeth are immune to damage. They are vulnerable to breakage just like yours are. As a result, we encourage you to keep anything you think could easily break a tooth out of the house, so you and your little ones are not tempted to dare your teeth to do the impossible (which can end with serious damage).