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The Truth About Teeth Whitening And Sensitivity

You might hear a lot of talk regarding sensitivity when you talk with friends about your desire for teeth whitening or when you search online. This might even deter you from contacting our Cleveland, TX team to talk about coming in for care. Of course, we appreciate your efforts in keep your smile safe. However,… Read more »

3 Things You Can Trust Regarding Veneers

There are some things you can most certainly trust regarding your choice to rely on porcelain veneers for a more beautiful smile! However, if you are new to the world of cosmetic care or simply new to veneers, you may not know much about such outstanding benefits. You might feel like you don’t know if… Read more »

Your Smile: How To Feel Good About Choosing To Whiten

You might like thinking about how your smile will look once it’s whitened. However, there may be things about actually going through the process of choosing to brighten it that cause you some amount of stress. We know that when you’re new to this type of cosmetic care, you might stumble a little as you… Read more »

What’s That Crack In My Tooth?

Do you see a crack in your tooth? Or, have you bitten into something and you are experiencing a serious, very obvious break? When you know that the word you would apply to what’s going on with your oral health is “crack” as it applies to your tooth but you didn’t know there were different… Read more »

Do You Feel Stuck With A Discolored Smile?

If you feel stuck with your discolored smile because a store bought whitening treatment failed to provide meaningful results, set a time to discuss cosmetic dental care with your Cleveland, TX dentist. Many people who purchase over the counter whitening agents hope for big changes, but only see limited effects, as these products can be… Read more »

As Your Wedding Day Approaches: Smile Suggestions

Once you get engaged, everyone always wants to know if you’ve set a date. Whether you have (or haven’t), when you know you’re planning on getting married sometime soon, there are some things that you will most definitely answer “yes” to if we should ask. These questions might include, “Would you like your smile to… Read more »

Make Truly Amazing Smile Changes With Porcelain Veneers

Taking on smile problems with cosmetic dental work can lead to a fantastic change to your appearance, and a big boost to your confidence. The way you look when you smile can affect how people perceive you, and hold real benefits for your professional and personal lives. One treatment that has helped many people see… Read more »

Struggling To Address Tooth Discoloration? See Your Dentist

When you notice that your smile lacks its previous brightness and whiteness, your first instinct may be to switch to a toothpaste that claims to whiten teeth. You could see what an over the counter whitening kit can do for your appearance, too. When people use these products, they can see some measure of improvement… Read more »