Choosing Cosmetic Bonding

Cleveland, TX, family dentist offers cosmetic bonding services

Recently, we have discussed various means to correct imperfections throughout your smile. Popular options like Invisalign and professional whitening can straighten your teeth and improve their vibrancy. However, these options may not be suitable for all patients. As an alternative method, Cleveland Family Dentistry also offers cosmetic bonding. This enhancement uses composite resin to disguise flaws on your pearly whites so that you can have a more even-appearing grin.

Treating Intrinsic Discoloration

Some of our favorite foods and drinks can cause our teeth to become stained. This type of discoloration can be treated with a professional whitening treatment. However, if the discoloration has occurred below your enamel, the bleaching agent will not be able to remove these blemishes. Intrinsic discoloration may be caused by factors such as injuries, genetics, medical conditions, or overuse of fluoride. These types of spots may not be able to be removed, but they can be covered with the help of cosmetic bonding.

This process involves adding composite resin to the areas you would like to correct. It can be done within a single appointment and is non-invasive. Your dentist will examine your smile to make sure that your teeth are healthy. If there are signs of injury or damage, restorations may be recommended before visual improvements can be made. Once the composite resin has been bonded to the area, it will be polished for a natural look.

Pair This Option With Contouring

To achieve the most significant results, you can choose to pair this treatment with cosmetic bonding as well. This is done to correct overlapping, jagged, or misshapen teeth. A small amount of your tooth will be reshaped using gentle tools. Contouring is a minimally invasive treatment that should not cause discomfort. However, you can discuss sedation options before having this done to ensure you will feel at-ease during the process.

After you appointment, you will need to avoid eating or drinking anything for about an hour while the bonding sets. The area may be slightly sensitive due to the contouring, so avoid consuming anything that may irritate it. If the discomfort becomes serious, contact your dentist as soon as possible. Remember to continue your regular oral hygiene routine after this has been done to maintain your results.

Composite Resin Has Restorative Uses

Other concerns, such as cavities and small damage, can be corrected with composite resin too. We use this material for filling cavities because it blends in with your smile and is highly durable. If you have minorly chipped or cracked a tooth, composite resin may also be used to repair it instead of covering the entire structure with a crown. You can talk to your dentist about your options during your visit.

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