Restore Beauty to Your Smile

When it comes to repairing teeth, composite fillings have become a popular choice for both functionality and beauty. Unlike silver fillings, these restorations are carefully matched to your tooth color, making them almost invisible. In this blog, your Cleveland, TX, dentist explains how tooth-colored fillings can restore your the health of your teeth while improving your smile.

Aesthetic Appeal

Composite fillings are designed to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. Made from a mixture of resin and glass particles, our dentist will shade them to match your tooth color. We often recommend teeth whitening before so that we can match the material to your optimal shade. Once we’ve created the perfect match, the fillings are hardly noticeable when you smile or talk. With composite material, you can have restored teeth without giving up the beauty of your natural smile.

Not Just for Filling Decay

Composite fillings can be used to treat various dental issues such as cavities, chipped teeth, and gaps. They can even  correct peg laterals if a dental crown or veneer isn’t something you’re ready for. These restorations can be a cost-efficient way to quickly improve your smile. They can be shaped and contoured to mimic the natural shape and curves of your teeth, resulting in a harmonious and balanced look. Whether it’s a small cavity or a larger problem, this life-like material can be customized to your needs.

Keep More of Your Natural Tooth

Compared to other dental restorations, composite material requires minimal tooth preparation. By bonding directly to the tooth surface, more of your healthy tooth structure can be saved. This means less drilling and a more comfortable experience. Keeping more of your natural tooth structure not only maintains tooth strength but also contributes to the overall beauty of your smile.

Strong and Easy to Maintain

Advancements in dental materials and techniques have greatly improved the strength and durability of tooth-colored fillings. Our doctors bond them chemically to your tooth to provide a secure restoration. This technique helps the bond remain strong and durable. Moreover, these particular fillings are less sensitive to hot or cold temperatures which keeps the natural tooth healthier and less sensitive. Regular dental check-ups, along with good oral hygiene, can help your new restoration stay in top shape longer, as well.

Take Steps Toward Your New Smile

Composite restorations offer a fantastic solution for achieving dental health and improving your smile’s appearance. Their ability to blend beautifully with your natural teeth, durability, and easy maintenance, make them an excellent choice. To see if we can help you achieve the smile you want, call our dental office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234.