TAB Halloween Party: At The Library! 

Have you ever heard of the TAB at our Cleveland, TX community’s Austin Memorial Library? It’s the Teen Advisory Board, a group of teen volunteers responsible for coming up with some fantastic family-friendly events for all to enjoy! Up next? The TAB Halloween Party, which is full of the nostalgic, traditional events you loved as a kid and love to watch your kids experience, too! Don’t miss out, it’s just around the corner!

About This Fun Event

You may have plans all set up for trick or treating but what your schedule might not include just yet is an honest to goodness, old-fashioned Halloween party! Not to worry: The TAB Halloween Party has got you covered. All are invited to show up in costume (so you participate to win best ensemble, of course!), to enjoy bowling with pumpkins, to cheer your kiddos on as they bob for apples, and the list continues! Mark your calendar, so you make it to this spooky yet delightful event!

Event Date And Time

The party will take place on Sunday, October 20, 2019 from 2:00pm to 4:30pm.

Location Of Event

Join in the holiday fun at the Austin Memorial Library! It’s easy to find at 220 S Bonham Ave, Cleveland, TX 77327.



Guest List

This is an event that welcomes the entire family!

Additional Information

Ask questions and receive answers, when you get in touch with Miss Wendy at the library! You may reach her at 281-592-3920.

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