Invisalign Treatment: Ways You Trick Yourself Into Missing Out! 

You know that we offer Invisalign treatment at our Cleveland, TX practice. However, even though you see it on our menu of services and you may have even heard us mention it, there may be some reasons you’re not actively seeking it out for yourself (even though you would really like to be doing so). To help you feel confident about learning more, so your smile may benefit, it’s time to cover some of those common ways you might be tricking yourself into missing this opportunity, so you can instead move toward it and a straighter smile, too!

You Tell Yourself It’s Hard To Keep Up With

We know that you may think about wearing clear aligner trays that you take in and out of your mouth and initially appreciate this benefit. After all, it makes for easy eating, care, and more. However, then you realize that this means you’ll have to keep up with your Invisalign treatment and that causes you some pangs of worry. What if you lose them or damage them, you think? We understand. However, we also remind you that once you get into the habit of having them, and you have a storage case, it’s no biggie (and remember, you get to enjoy those amazing benefits!). We’re here to help.

You Guess That You Probably Aren’t A Candidate

You may find that you just guess you aren’t a candidate. It may be because you think Invisalign treatment doesn’t cover what you need (it probably does). Or, it may be that you figure you don’t really need this type of treatment to align your smile (but you might!). In short, we want you to remember that what you should do is schedule an appointment with us. You can learn about whether clear aligner trays are ideal for you or if there’s a better treatment. The only way to really know is by coming in!

You Assume It Takes A Very Long Time

It doesn’t! We understand that you may guess Invisalign treatment takes forever. After all, it offers so many benefits over traditional braces, patients often figure there must be some catch. However, there isn’t. While it’s a patient-by-patient timeline, Invisalign can prove to offer a faster course of treatment. So, again, you should come talk with us!

Come In For Care With Invisalign Today!

Enjoy the much straighter, beautiful looking smile you really wish you were seeing in the mirror, instead of your current grin! Just set up time to sit down for a friendly conversation with us about choosing Invisalign! Call our Cleveland Family Dentistry office in Cleveland, TX, today at (281) 592-1234. We proudly serve patients and their families from Cleveland and all surrounding communities.